ScoreStream is the best, fan-driven, high school sports app and platform.

We aim to empower fans, schools, teams, and media companies with the tools to provide accurate, real-time sports coverage.

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ScoreStream is for Fans

Follow your high school, your college, and all of your favorite teams from a single app. Coverage is provided from other fans just like you. ScoreStream is the platform for your sports coverage, creativity and be the ultimate fan.

  • Real-time scoring
  • Chat and cheer with other fans
  • Use SportFX to enhance all your photography with awesome pre-built effects packages.
  • Instantly share highlights to all your social networks
  • Supports your favorite sports all in one app
  • Available for Apple iOS and Google Android

ScoreStream is for Media

ScoreStream is fan-driven, meaning all the scores, photos and videos come from real fans in the stands. This coverage drives our partner's real-time scoreboards and photo and video galleries.

Our suite of online tools is 100% free and gives you everything you need to be the local sports leader in your market. Real-time scores, videos and pictures on your website and on-air all at no cost.

Utilize SportFX's prebuilt templates and customizable effects to promote the games and teams in your market. Create engaging graphics and videos before, during, and after the game. Easily distribute across your social networks.

ScoreStream is for Teams and Schools

No other platform can provide a major brand experience for your high school or club team like ScoreStream. Real-time scores, alerts, and videos can be shared effortlessly from our single platform. We provide teams with everything they need to share their most important moments with their fans. If you don't see your organization configured, let us know because ScoreStream can work for every type of league.

Become the ScoreStream General Manager for your team to customize your team's display and unlock powerful online tools.

Distribute your in-app updates to Facebook and Twitter so you can update all of your social media and ScoreStream fans in one swoop. Install our scoreboard and gallery widgets on your website and them update automatically in real-time too.